A Satisfied and Very Happy New Customer!

I Love your Steak Rolls!!!!

I ran into Redner’s early this morning for my steak rolls, I only buy one kind which the shelves were empty. I guess I was there before delivery, so now I was trying to figure out what to do. I do not like the store made and I already had the chip steak, ugh I was thinking I would have to change my supper menu. It’s a Friday I wanted something quick and easy , I glanced and saw  the Morabito Rolls hmmmmm am I going to waste my money, I thought. I picked up the package so Fresh  I picked up another package just as Fresh, so I bought the two packages. I just made my sandwiches, I put the roll in the oven for 2 min was not sure how it was going to taste.

OMG This is the BEST Roll I have ever tasted!!!! When you make or buy a steak sandwich I have always said it’s the Roll that makes it taste so good.

I will NEVER go back to the roll I have always used, I am so glad the shelf was empty!